Bringing visibility to global supply chain finance

What is the Eximchain?

Eximchain offers a platform to implement smart contract-based Supply Chain Finance solutions on a permissioned fork of Ethereum supporting data privacy. Our ecosystem will enable SMEs to gain access to more sources of capital by giving financiers visibility into the supply chain cash flow.

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Supply chain finance

We build a public permissioned blockchain hybrid for small-and-medium enterprise (SME) buyers and suppliers to create supply chain optimization tools and gain access to affordable credit to grow their businesses


Our smart contract-based ecosystem allows SMEs to quickly implement turnkey Supply Chain Finance solutions or issue digital tokens on a permissioned fork of Ethereum supporting data privacy.

Governance model

We have designed a new consensus protocol that forks Quorum to add a quadratic voting (QVEC) based governance model that secures the block proposal mechanism.

Eximchain Smart Contracts

The smart contract SDK layer will allow developers to build applications from basic components, accelerating development of future Supply Chain Finance solutions. Private channel coordination: Each communication channel is private where only the involved parties can see the information provided during each negotiation. The system runs automatically based on a set of rules, confidentially updating the state at each negotiation cycle by calculating an optimal reply policy, until we reach Nash Equilibrium based on the negotiation rules set by the the Supply Chain Finance product.

Eximchain Network Token

The Eximchain network token is a governance currency. Stakeholders will be able to use EXC to vote on governance decisions that impact network security through (QVEC), a quadratic voting based governance model.

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